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Total Defense is a leading provider of computer security software for individuals and businesses. The company offers a line of security software programs that has received multiple awards, including mentions in the Networks Products Guide and the Info Security Products Guide. With certifications from top organizations like ICSA Labs, West Coast Labs and the NPD Group, Total Defense is truly a trusted name in computer security and offers a variety of products and services.

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Total Defense Unlimited Security

Total Defense Unlimited Security is the flagship product in the Total Defense lineup. The program is ideal for people who want complete protection for their personal computers, smart phones and tablets and need to protect more than five devices. As the name suggests, Total Defense Unlimited Security allows you to protect an unlimited number of devices from viruses, malware and spyware. The program also has parental control features that allow parents to monitor and control their children’s activities online. The program even includes free access to the Total Defense Online Backup and Total Defense PC Tune-Up products discussed below.

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Total Defense Premium Security

Total Defense Premium Security is an all-inclusive antivirus, antimalware and antispyware program for home use. The program can be used to protect personal computers, tablets and smart phones and allows users to install the software on up to five devices. The premium version of the security program boasts many of the same features of Total Defense Unlimited Security with the primary difference between the two programs being the limit on the number of devices that can be protected with Total Defense Premium. Additionally, the premium version does not provide access to the Total Defense PC Tune-Up service.

Total Defense Internet Security

Total Defense Internet Security is an affordable computer security solution for families that are solely interested in protecting their personal computer, smart phones and tablets from online threats. The program can be installed on up to three devices and offers full protection from viruses, malware and spyware. Like Total Defense Unlimited Security and Total Defense Premium Security, Total Defense Internet Security includes parental control settings to protect kids. The program also includes Social Network Defender, a technology that identifies spam and malicious software on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, reducing the risk of social media accounts being hacked.

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Total Defense Anti-Virus

Looking for a simple to use solution to protect your computer from viruses? Total Defense Anti-Virus is the answer. This antivirus program is available for a fraction of the price of other antivirus software titles on the market today, and it can be installed on up to three personal computers. With the Total Defense Anti-Virus program, you can enjoy full protection from viruses, spyware, trojans and all other types of malware. The program is updated on a regular basis to ensure that you’re protected from the newest threats, and there is an easy-to-use Help Desk feature to provide answers to your questions about online security.

Total Defense Mobile Security

Worried about the safety of your smart phone or tablet? Total Defense Mobile Security allows you to secure one device from a variety of threats. The program identifies malware and isolates it, so that hackers can’t gain access to the data on your phone or corrupt your files. Compatible with Windows Phone, ANDROID, BlackBerry and Symbian OS operating systems, the program can be installed on many of today’s most popular smart phones. Total Defense Mobile Security also provides GPS tracking to help you locate your phone if it becomes lost or stolen and has built-in parental controls.

Total Defense PC Tune-Up

Total Defense PC Tune-Up is a software product designed to improve the performance of personal computers. With the software, you can run a scan of your entire system and identify errors and problems that are causing the computer to run slowly, freeze or crash. Once problems are identified, Total Defense PC Tune-Up works to solve them. The program also optimizes the system registry, saved Internet files and memory and defragments hard drives to boost computer speed. It even removes junk files and automatically updates all of your drivers to keep your computer running like new.

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Total Defense Online Backup

Total Defense Online Backup is a program designed to help you protect the important data on your personal computer. With the program, you can backup your entire system or key files and store up to 25GB of data on a secure online cloud. You can then retrieve data anytime you wish right on your computer, on a new computer or even on a mobile device. The backup occurs automatically once you have completed the basic setup, and all of the versions of all of your files are archived, so you can easily revert to a previous version as needed. You can even share files with just a few clicks using Total Defense Online Backup.

Getting Deals on New Purchases

If you’re looking to protect your computer or enhance its performance, you can easily purchase Total Defense products online and download them for instant access. Purchasing Total Defense products during promotional sale events can allow you to enjoy big savings while getting the benefits of the latest innovations in computer security. Total Defense is known to offer special offer deals throughout the year, providing a discount for new software purchases. Coupon codes, promo codes and vouchers can also be used. Discounts for new customers provide a dollar-off or percentage discount on the cost of one year of service.

Savings on Renewals

When you purchase a Total Defense product, you get access to its features for a full year. At the end of that time, you must renew your subscription to the product to stay protected. Total Defense is known to offer savings deals on renewals to make it more affordable to continue service. Promotional sale events allow you to renew early and extend coverage at a discount price. You can also redeem a coupon code or a promo code or use special online vouchers to get a percentage discount or a dollar-off discount on your renewal of Total Defense products.

RingCentral Coupon Code

Staying in touch via phone is important for any business, and RingCentral is a service that is designed to help professionals and companies keep in touch with affordable telecommunications services. Read on to discover the many services and products offered by RingCentral and find out how you can enjoy savings and deals as a RingCentral customer.

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RingCentral Office

RingCentral Office is a service that allows companies to eliminate their PBX systems for receiving calls and instead get the benefits of a virtual PBX system hosted in the cloud. With RingCentral Office, employees can make calls with desk phones as they ordinarily would, but they can also use their computers and specially designed Android and iOS apps to make calls. In addition to cloud-based PBX service, RingCentral Office allows companies to send SMS text messages, to receive faxes through the Internet and to easily host conference calls. The virtual PBX service can be used by multiple office locations in a local area or located across the country. The entire system can be set up and managed from a single location using the control panel. RingCentral offers three versions of the program; Standard, Premium and Enterprise, and users pay a monthly fee per user.

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The Features of Cloud PBX

With the Cloud PBX service included with all versions of RingCentral Office, companies can enjoy many benefits. Unlike traditional PBX phone systems, the cloud-based system requires no hardware or wiring. Included with the service is the convenient Auto Receptionist feature, which answers calls automatically, greets callers and allows them to enter their extensions or select an option from a menu to quickly reach the department or person that they are trying to reach. For large companies, multiple menu levels can be created to save callers time and ensure that every call reaches the intended person. Companies can even set up the Cloud PBX system to direct calls in response to callers typing in an employee’s name. If a desired employee is unavailable, the Cloud PBX system can transfer the caller to voice mail, and the employee can receive notifications through Internet fax, an email, a text message or on their desk phones.

Powerful Call Management Solutions

RingCentral Office makes it easy to manage how calls are received and handled through the Cloud PBX system. Employees are able to customize many of the features, allowing them to receive calls when they want and how they want. Some of the features that can be customized by employees and system administrators include answering rules, call forwarding rules and call screening rules. Calls can even be recorded for training purposes or for later review. Intercom services and paging services are also included with the Cloud PBX system and both employees and system administrators can browse call logs to review activity.

Ringcentral Fax

Conferencing and Meetings

One of the newest services offered by RingCentral is video conferencing. With this service, companies can conduct face-to-face meetings even if they are located in other parts of the world. Using voice over Internet protocol and a web camera, smart phone or tablet, employees can see each other in stunning high definition and hear one another. Conferences can be recorded for later review, and content can be shared within seconds. Up to 50 people can be present at each video conference, making it easier than ever for people to collaborate. The RingCentral video conferencing service is included with all of the RingCentral Office products at no extra charge.

RingCentral Professional

RingCentral Professional is a virtual phone program designed for individuals who work outside of traditional office settings. It is an ideal solution for everyone from self-employed professionals who are frequently on the road and employees who travel frequently for work or telecommute. With the service, calls can made and received anywhere in the world using smart phone apps. The service includes a toll-free number with multiple extensions to make it easy for customers and clients to stay in touch, and calls are made and received using voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology, which is much cheaper than traditional cell phone usage. RingCentral offers Pro, ProPlus and ProPower RingCentral Professional packages. The packages vary in the number of minutes that they provide per month and the number of extensions that can be used on the phone number.

Ringcentral VOIP Phone & Fax

RingCentral Fax

While more and more documents can be sent and received via email, there is still a need to fax certain types of documents. With RingCentral Fax, it’s possible for companies, self-employed individuals and consumers to send and receive faxes without having to have a fax machine. The program allows users to attach documents and send them to a specific email address using a PC, a Mac, a browser app or a smart phone. The attachment is then converted to a fax and sent to the fax machine number provided. RingCentral Fax also makes it possible to receive faxes from traditional fax machines in email form. Companies who use RingCentral can choose whether to have one fax number for their entire business or to purchase a corporate plan and allow each employee to have their own fax number. Pricing runs monthly with a variety of packages available.

RingCentral Discount Opportunities

RingCentral offers competitive rates on their products and services and is known to offer promotional sale events throughout the year to provide additional savings. When you sign up while a special offer is running, you can get a discount on the monthly rates charged for RingCentral or enjoy special promo pricing for the first months of your contract. You don’t have to wait for a sale to get deals on RingCentral services and products. The company frequently offers coupon codes and vouchers that allow you to save any time of the year. Like promotional sale deals, coupon codes and vouchers can be redeemed for promo pricing that will reduce the cost of using RingCentral when you first sign up or on an ongoing basis. Special offer discount codes are usually offered for a limited period of time, making it important that you act quickly.

Pinnacle Systems Coupon Code

Pinnacle Systems is a technology company that specializes in the development and sale of software and hardware used for video recording, video editing and video production. Founded in 1986, the company is now owned by software giant Corel and is one of the most well-respected developers of video-related technologies in the world. The company offers a wide variety of products with solutions for all types of video production needs. Read on to find out more about the Pinnacle Systems software line-up and to discover how to save money when buying Pinnacle Systems products.

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Pinnacle Studio 18

Pinnacle Studio 18 is the most well known software product in the Pinnacle Systems line-up. The program is used for video editing and has a number of key features. Capable of editing in high-definition, 64-bit quality, the program makes it possible to edit videos with a simple drag and drop technique. With the program, you receive access to more than 1500 effects, transitions and templates for enhancing videos, and 17 royalty-free music tracks are also included. Users can edit 6 tracks simultaneously and share their finished videos online and on mobile devices using the software.

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Pinnacle Studio 18 Plus

Pinnacle Studio 18 Plus is a step up from Pinnacle Studio 18 and is the perfect choice of video editing software for those who need additional functionalities. The program has all of the features of Pinnacle Studio 18 and includes an additional 300 effects, transitions and templates. In addition, the number of tracks available for frame-accurate editing is quadrupled at 24. The enhanced version of Pinnacle Studio 18 also includes a live screen capture function for creating screencasts and the ability to import, edit and export 3D graphics and video.

Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate

For professionals and those looking to make Hollywood quality movies right on their computers, Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate is the ideal choice. This is the most advanced product in the Pinnacle Studio line-up from Pinnacle Systems and has all of the features found in Pinnacle Studio 18 and Pinnacle Studio 18 Plus. In addition, the program provides unlimited track frame-accurate editing and 200 more effects, transitions and templates than Pinnacle Studio 18 Plus does. The program is also the only one in the line-up to offer 4k Ultra HD video support and premium effects from NewBlue. Those who purchase the top-of-the-line product also get the benefits of iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner to improve the audio quality of their videos.

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Pinnacle Studio 18 for iPad and iPhone

With Pinnacle Studio 18 for iPad and iPhone, Pinnacle Systems has made it possible for people to create stunning videos using footage captured from iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets without having to import the videos to their computers. Not only can the software program be used with videos, but it can also pull audio and photo files into projects. There are a number of effects that can be added with the application, and you can create products in 24, 25 and 30 FPS speeds with full 1080 output support. Sharing videos with the program is incredibly easy, so there is no need to use a computer for any part of the editing process.

Dazzle DVD Recorder HD

Dazzle DVD Recorder HD is the hardware solution included in the Pinnacle Systems product lineup. This impressive hardware device is used to import videos from a variety of sources into computers for editing. The recorder is compatible with VHS, Hi8 and V8 cameras, so you can use it to archive, edit and copy home movies and more. In addition, the recorder is compatible with many other types of inputs, including DVD players and numerous video game systems. With the recorder, you even receive a basic editing program that makes it possible to add titles and transitions and edit videos captured with the recorder. For added functionality, the device can also be used with Pinnacle Studio 18 software programs.

SmartSound Sonicfire for Studio

Music can have a big impact on the quality of a video, and with SmartSound Sonicfire for Studio, Pinnacle Studio users can integrate music into their videos with the utmost of ease. The program automatically edits audio tracks to fit seamlessly into videos and allows users to fine tune the sounds and features of songs. SmartSound Sonicfire for Studio is not a standalone program. Rather, it is an add-on plug-in that is compatible with Pinnacle Studio 16 and 17.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio Accessories

Users who want to add even more unique effects to their videos can purchase add-on products for Pinnacle Studio from Pinnacle Systems. Creative packs are available with new DVD menus, themes, titles and other effects, and you can also purchase Pinnacle Scorefitter Packs to get access to more royalty-free music to incorporate into your video projects.

Scoring Deals on Pinnacle Systems Products

Pinnacle Systems sells all of their software and hardware products directly to the public at their website There, you can find the latest product titles and download them for immediate use or order hardware for shipping to your home. From time to time, Pinnacle Systems will offer a promotional sale on their products, allowing you to get discount savings on purchases of new software and hardware. These types of deals may be registered automatically at the time of purchase or require you to enter codes from email vouchers or coupon or promo codes when completing your order.

Upgrading Pinnacle Systems at Discount Prices

Every year, Pinnacle Systems unveils new versions of their signature Pinnacle Studio software products. The new versions typically offer enhanced features not found in previous versions. If you already own a Pinnacle Studio software product, you don’t have to wait for promotional sale events or vouchers to enjoy savings on the newest versions of the software. Instead, you can take advantage of deals on upgrades offered at Like other discount offers, upgrade deals may involve the use of a coupon or promo code or may be offered to anyone who visits the site to purchase an upgrade.

Bodybuilding Promo Code is a leading online retailer of health and fitness products. With more than 1.1 million people visiting the site daily, the company is ranked as the number one sports nutrition retailer in the world and has won many awards for being among the top companies base in Idaho and in the United States. At, you can find everything that you need to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Read on to learn more about all that the store has to offer and to find out how you can score deals on purchases from the site.

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Sports Nutrition and Workout Support

Athletes and bodybuilders have very special needs when it comes to nutrition. Because they train hard, they often require more of certain nutrients than everyday people. has a complete line of sports nutrition and workout support supplement products, including pre-workout supplements used before exercise to maximize performance and post-workout supplements used after workouts to help the body recovery. The sports nutrition and workout support product lineup at also includes products intended for use mid-workout to help athletes maintain endurance and performance levels.

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Diet and Weight Management

The majority of people in the U.S. are overweight and obese, and is dedicated to help reduce these statistics. The store carries a number of diet and weight management supplements that can help men and women reach and maintain healthy weights. Fat burner supplements can be used to support the metabolism, so that the body can burn fat at an optimal rate to promote weight loss. Fat control and carbohydrate management supplements help to reduce the impact that nutrients that contribute to weight gain have on the body. Diet and weight management products from are designed to complement the benefits of a healthy diet and fitness regimen.


Protein is a very important nutrient that all people need to consume on a daily basis. Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and other people who are very physically active on a daily basis are especially in need of protein because the body requires it to produce new muscle cells and repair damage after exercise. provides protein supplements to assist those who require extra protein in the diet. Options include protein powders, protein bars and ready-made protein shakes with whey, soy, egg, casein, beef, plant and other types of protein available. Coupon Code

Health Foods and Delivery Services

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, increase muscle mass or train for an upcoming game or athletic competition, it’s important that you get the right nutrition on a daily basis. offers health foods and food delivery services to help simplify good nutrition. With their B-Elite Fuel program, you can have healthy meals delivered right to your door on a daily basis, so that you can get the nutrition you need without having to spend time in the kitchen. The store also carries healthy snacks, meal replacement bars and other items that can be used to complement a healthy diet.

Vitamins, Herbs and Health

If you’re struggling to get all of the nourishment that you need through diet alone, can help you balance your diet with a collection of vitamins, herbs and health products. Multivitamins, fish oil, flax, oil, omega, antioxidants and minerals are available to help you avoid deficiencies of key nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis. You can also purchase specialty supplements made to promote healthier joints or provide the body with nutrients in the form of whole foods. even carries herbs that can allow you to benefit from traditional folk remedies for medical conditions, concerns and illnesses.

Personal Care is very popular among fitness models and amateur and professional body builders and offers top quality personal care products to help them look their best in competition. In the Personal Care department, you’ll find bath and body products to help promote clean, clear and healthy skin from head to toe. Tanning products and posing oils can be used to darken the skin and call attention to the muscles. Shaving and hair removal products are also available at to help bodybuilders look their bests in the revealing clothing that is typically worn at competitions.

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Fitness Essentials

No matter what type of exercise you’re into, has the gear that you need to complete your workouts. The site carries a full range of athletic clothing for men and women as well as compression wear for runners and athletes. For those who want to work out more effectively at home, offers home gyms, strength equipment, fitness equipment and cardio equipment as well as heart rate monitors that make it easy to track performance during workouts. In the Workout Accessories department, shoppers can find gloves, belts, grips, bags, fitness books, injury and recovery support products and much, much more.

Finding Bargains on

Part of the reason why is the number one website of its kind on the Internet is the low pricing featured every day on all of their products. Even without any type of vouchers, coupon codes or other special offer savings incentives, offers competitive pricing on all of their products, allowing you to get what you need at a discount. On top of their already low prices, is known to offer promo specials and promotional sale events. During these limited time special offer events, certain products or the site’s entire inventory is offered at a reduced price.

Additional Savings Opportunities

In addition to sale events that are available to all customers who visit the site during a given period of time, is known to offer special savings opportunities exclusively to certain customers. To take advantage of these deals, it is necessary to receive vouchers, promo codes or coupon codes from the site. The savings codes are often advertised via email to certain customers or are published on third-party websites, social media sites or daily deals sites. To receive a discount, you must enter the code when you place your order at

Nero Coupon Code

German software giant Nero is known for producing solutions that help consumers and companies manage media and perform other essential tasks. Since 1995, Nero has been a trusted name in computer software and has one of the most exciting line-ups of media products on the market today. Knowing more about the products available from Nero can help you choose the right software solution for your needs and ensure that you get the best price on your new computer program.

Nero Coupon Codes

Saving Money on Nero Products

Nero is known not just for offering easy-to-use, intuitive software products, but also has a great reputation for fair pricing. The company offers low pricing as a standard practice and frequently has special deals available on top of their already low retail prices. Discounts often make it more affordable to purchase Nero software products for the first time. You can get savings by taking advantage of limited time sales that Nero advertises throughout the year at their website From time to time, Nero also offers coupons in the form of codes that are entered at the time of checkout to make new software purchases more affordable.

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Nero 2015

The most popular program offered by Nero is simply named after the company. Nero 2015 is a program that is used to rip content from discs, convert the content to a variety of file formats and then play, stream, burn or archive it. The software program can also be used to edit video content that you produce yourself or that you rip from a disc. The basic version of the program is Nero 2015 Classic. An upgraded version, Nero 2015 Platinum, is also available and allows you to not only burn and rip DVDs but to also use media from regular and 3D Blu-ray discs and Ultra HD discs.

Nero Burning ROM

Not everyone needs all of the features of Nero 2015 Classic and Nero 2015 Platinum. For individuals who just need to be able to rip and burn DVDs, Blu-Ray discs and CDs, Nero offers Nero Burning ROM. The program makes it easy to burn discs quickly and can be used to manage up to 32 DVD, CD or Blu-Ray disc writers at one time. You can choose from a wide variety of file types when ripping content from discs, and the program makes it easy to protect your media with various security features.

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Nero Video

More and more people are shooting videos with their cell phones, tablets and computers, and Nero has developed Nero Video to help amateur filmmakers create impressive movies from their video footage. With the program, it’s possible to remove content from videos, combine multiple videos together, add text to videos and edit them with special effects. The 2015 version of the program allows home filmmakers to create videos in amazingly crisp and clear Ultra HD 4K formatting. Completed videos can be burned to discs or shared in numerous ways online all with Nero Video.

Nero MediaHome

Do you have a massive collection of videos and photographs on your mobile devices and on your computer? Managing all of that media can prove difficult, and you may find yourself never looking at many of those snapshots and videos again. Nero MediaHome is designed to help you better organize your media files, so that you can truly enjoy them. With the program, you can quickly add geo tags and labels to your videos and photos, making it quick and easy to search them. Powerful facial recognition technology allows the program to memorize the faces of your family members and add tags automatically for your convenience.

Nero BackItUp

Backing up your computer is important to ensuring the security of your data and protecting yourself from viruses, system malfunctions and user errors. Nero BackItUp is a service and software program from Nero that makes it easy to protect up to five laptop and desktop PCs. The program automatically saves versions of files you select, ensuring that you always have the latest versions of your work available. With Nero BackItUp, you can save copies to multiple targets, including USB drives, discs and cloud services. The service and software program is available with different plans to provide solutions for all data storage needs.

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Nero Recode

Today, there are hundreds of video formats that can be used when creating and saving media. Many media players and home theater players are only compatible with certain types of files. If you receive a file in a different format than what you’re able to view, Nero Recode can help you to change the video to your preferred format for easy viewing. Nero Recode is compatible with a wide variety of file formats and makes it easy to quickly convert videos for viewing on your computer and beyond.

Nero AirBurn

In addition to their computer software programs, Nero offers a number of apps for iOS and ANDROID devices. The most popular of these apps is Nero AirBurn. With Nero AirBurn you can use your mobile device and WiFi to burn videos or music to CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs without having to first transfer them to your computer. This makes it much easier to share and save the videos that you shoot with your smart phone or tablet. While the burning is in process, you can still enjoy all of the features on your phone, and you’ll receive a message when burning is complete.

Deals on Upgrading and Renewing

Already a Nero customer? Did you know that Nero upgrades their products every year? When the software company introduces a new version of their product, Nero often offers limited time discounts on upgrades and service renewals for existing customers. This way, you can get all of the benefits of the newest features of your favorite programs while enjoying great savings. Whether you use one of Nero’s coupons or take advantage of a sale, upgrading or renewing your software will help you get the most from your Nero products and allow you to save big.

Highster Mobile Coupon Code

Mobile devices help to keep us connected with the world, and they can be used for a lot of good in one’s daily life and for work. Unfortunately, mobile devices can also be used for inappropriate activities. As a parent or a business owner, you want to make sure that the smart phone that you purchased for your child or issued to your employee is being used appropriately, and Highster Mobile can help you do just that.

highster mobile coupon code

Compatible with Many Devices

Highster Mobile is a smart phone monitoring program that is used to track activity on mobile phones. The purpose of the program is to allow employers to track the activity of employees and for parents to make sure that their children are using their mobile phones appropriately. Unlike other monitoring programs, Highster Mobile is compatible with nearly all types of smart phones regardless of the company or provider that offers service for the devices. The program can be used to monitor all types of Android devices, and it can also be used on Apple iOS devices that have previously been jailbroken.

Simple to Install and Uninstall

Getting started with Highster Mobile is very easy. The program can be installed on an Android or iOS phone in less than 2 minutes, so you don’t have to have your child or employee’s phone in your possession for long to get the program up and running. Once it’s installed, Highster Mobile is not visible on the device, so you can monitor activity discreetly without being detected. If you wish to remove the software program, you do not have to get access to the phone again. The process can be done remotely and without the knowledge of your child or employee.

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SMS Text Messages

One of the most popular features of Highster Mobile is it’s SMS text message tracking. The program allows you to see the content of every single text message sent and received as well as the name and phone number of the person with whom each message was exchanged. The date and time of each message is also displayed, so that you can be certain messaging is being done at approved times. Even if the cell phone user deletes the text message immediately after reading, you’ll still be able to read it and view all of the data about it after deletion.

highster mobile dashboard

GPS Tracking

With Highster Mobile, you can monitor so much more than just what your employee or child is doing with his or her phone. The software program also allows you to monitor the physical location of the cell phone user at any time during the day. This way, you can make sure your employee is making good use of working hours when they’re on the road and that your child is where he or she should be. For parents, this feature can be extremely advantageous in the event of an emergency or if a child fails to return home at the expected hour.

Live Control Panel

Highster Mobile is designed for everyday people, not for tech geniuses. The software program is simple and straightforward. Activity is monitored through a single location called the Live Control Panel. This intuitive interface allows you to easily select options, so that you can see the specific type of activity that you want to review with ease. You can access the Live Control Panel from your own Android or iPhone smart phone device. This way, you can check on your employee or child even when you’re on the go and away from your computer.

Integrated Camera

Another popular feature of the Highster Mobile software program is the Stealth Camera feature. At any time, you can have the program take a snapshot or record a video from the user’s phone. This can help you to see exactly where the person was at any given moment. The footage and photos can be viewed on your computer or on your cell phone. If you need to save the videos or photos or any reason, they can be burned onto a DVD or saved onto an external drive with just a few clicks on your computer.

highster mobile screenshot

An Array of Logs

With Highster Mobile, you can monitor virtually everything that your employee or child does with his or her cell phone. The program keeps a complete call log that tells you who they talked to, when they spoke and how long the calls lasted. The Browser History feature lets you see which websites your child or employee accessed from their cell phone, and the Photo and Video Log makes it possible for you to see what types of images and videos were recorded and taken using the phone. The program also monitors Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger, Skype, Viber and iChat activity and provides email and contact detail logs.

The Cost of Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is an affordable option among the cell phone monitoring software programs that are available on the market today. Many services require you to not only purchase the program but also to pay a monthly fee or an annual fee to use it. Others allow you to monitor but then charge fees when you want to access certain types of data. Highster Mobile is different in that you only have to pay a single one-time fee to get the software. This provides significant savings when compared to other mobile device monitoring options.

In addition to their already low pricing plan, Highster Mobile offers additional savings opportunities throughout the year. The company often discounts their cell phone monitoring software, selling it at percentage discounts or providing dollar off deals on the program. These types of sales are available to all customers that buy while the offers are running on the Highster Mobile website. From time to time, Highster Mobile also issues coupons that are available to those who receive special promotional codes. These coupons provide additional discounts off the cost of the software, and some can even be combined with sale prices to provide huge savings.

Citrix Coupon Code

Citrix Systems is a software development company that specializes in creating mobility solutions for businesses and individuals. Their products are currently being used all over the world by hundreds of thousands of businesses and organizations as well as millions of individuals. While having a traditional in house sales staff, Citrix uses its e-commerce website which can be found here: On the website Citrix uses promo coupon codes in order to offer special discount pricing for its products to visitors.

The Internet has become a gold mine for businesses that have relied mostly on their in house sales and word of mouth for the majority of their total sales. That has been changing recently with more and more companies discovering that they can reach a much more global audience for their products by establishing an e-commerce website that can be used by people and businesses anywhere around the globe. Since it is online, all the sales are handled through a shopping cart and the process is automated. The use of discount coupon codes is an easy way to encourage visitors to make a purchase in order to save money.

citrix coupon

While seasonal and holiday promotions were once thought of as strictly as brick and mortar business sales tactics, that has definitely changed, these days most online retailers take advantage of these methods in order to bolster their sales numbers. By posting special discount coupon codes on their site and encourage visitors to redeem them during checkout is a win-win for Citrix Systems and the customer.

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About Citrix Systems

Citrix Systems has been providing high quality products for the IT industry for 25 years. It is a publically held company founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1989. It was founded by a man named Ed Lacobucci and it is still maintains its company headquarters in the same area of Florida. Their primary focus is of Application Delivery and Virtualization Software for the IT Industry.

Citrix Systems has had a strong strategic and financial alliance to two biggest hitters in the technology industry Intel and Microsoft. Thanks to these strong alliances has made Citrix System into the multinational software developer they are today. They employ over 8000 workers and they maintain several facilities around the world. They have subsidiary operations in Massachusetts, California and software development facilities in Australia, India, UK, Germany and Canada.

Citrix has grown into one of leading technology company’s in the world. They have been innovating and developing IT focused since the very beginning. They make products for server, application and desktop virtualization, software as a service, networking cloud computer technology. Today they have seen their sales explode with a number of their most popular products being used by more and 300,000 businesses and organizations all over the world.

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Through the years Citrix has grown as company with employees that are dedicated in delivering the best quality products and services to each and every customer. They built an award winning software development team, customer care staff and knowledgeable technical support staff that is always will to help out when they are needed.

Products offered by Citrix

Citrix has become one of leading developers of mobility related products for businesses and individuals. For 25 years they have been innovating in the development of business collaboration, sharing and service providing for the IT industry. They have revolutionized the mobility market with many of the popular products that makes it possible for users to access their desktop from just about anywhere on the planet.

Citrix is designed to deliver products and services designed to help businesses transform their business into one that is able to take advantage of today’s mobile environment. Their products targets individuals and three distinct segments of business; Enterprise and Medium sized business, small sized businesses and departments and Service providers.

GoToAssist was designed to help businesses better manage their IT Operations. It is filled with many tools and an easy to use interface. It can help any business streamline its IT operations, deliver better technical support and keep costs down.

GoToMeeting is powerful collaboration system that allows you to set up a virtual meeting with participants around the world. Each person can share files, web cam feeds (even in HD) with everyone in the meeting. GoToMeeting does not require users to have any technical experience to be able to get started with it.

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GoToWebinar is powerful business tool that can help anyone create online events that can host a thousand people at time. The webinars can include spectacular HD videos with sound, share screens and many other tools for a complete interactive experience for everyone.

GoToTraining is a powerful business software tool that allows a business to set up interactive training sessions online. Whether it is for employees or even customers these training sessions can be a great way for a company to save money on travel expenses. It allows a totally online training program to reduce overall cost for training.

GoToMyPC is useful tool these days for individuals and businesses looking to take advantage of mobile technology. Users are able to directly access their desktop computer from any connected device. No need to have to load software in order to be productive away from your computer. It is extremely useful for sharing files without having to be at your desk.

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Citrix ShareFile is a powerful software driven service for businesses who need to be able to collaborate between employees. Having a secured file-sharing and sync service at the enterprise level gives businesses the peace of mind knowing that their employees are able to gain access to needed information. It also helps to maintain the security level of the enterprise at all times.

Citrix OpenVoice is a powerful software program that is designed for audio-conferencing. It can be used in conjunction with other Citrix System products like GoToMeeting, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar to add toll-free and toll calling for attendees. The VoIP functionality adds extra features like session recording and meeting management. It offers a centralized control console for better management.

Carbonite Offer Code

Carbonite, Inc has been providing world class cloud-based online backup services for individuals and businesses for nearly a decade. Their innovative software and services are designed for computers in Windows and Mac OS. From their e-commerce website, they can a reach a much wider audience all over the globe. By visiting their website at anyone can see all of the service plans they offer. On the, they offer promos and coupon codes that can be redeemed for special pricing.

Many of today’s software and services companies discovered that the Internet is huge opportunity for them to bolster sales. They create easy to use websites online in order for prospective customers to visit and find out about the products they have to offer. Carbonite, is one of those businesses that have taken advantage of the Internet. They use the benefits of an automated sales platform of the ecommerce design of their website to offer instant rebates on purchases by using special coupon codes. The code is entered during checkout and the rebate is applied instantly and not requiring it to be mailed in.

Online retailers like Carbonite also take advantage of seasonal and holiday periods in order to run special promotional deals. As part of these deals they post coupon codes that are redeemed during checkout. The benefit for the buyer is that the discounts are issued immediately and do not ask the purchaser to do anything put the code in a special box.

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Carbonite also uses special promos and coupon codes when they release a new service or have a major change to one or more of their service plans. The codes are placed on the site during a short period and can be redeemed at checkout.

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About Carbonite

Carbonite, Inc. is a cloud-based online backup service provider that was founded in Boston, Massachusetts. While it has a small business approach, it has a global following for it online backup system. It is a publicly traded company that was founded by a pair of friends that have started several businesses together. David Friend and Jeff Flowers came up with online backup service that was called Carbonite and the company was born.

From the company headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts and their dedicated Customer Support Center in Lewiston, Maine, the more than 400 employees that work for Carbonite deliver industry leader products and services to its clients all over the world. Since 2006, Carbonite has backed up more than 300 billion customer files backed up to their dedicated data centers.

The software that is loaded on the clients machine that was developed by the software engineers works on only Windows and Mac OS’s (it does not support Linux or any other OS). The secret behind Carbonite is the 128-bit encryption that protects each and every file that is transferred from its client computer to one of Carbonite’s data center to be stored. It remains encrypted and can be accessed from any device that has an Internet connection.

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Using this technology they have created several service plans that offer its clients unparalleled peace of mind knowing that their valuable business data and precious pictures, videos and other important files. Its this dedication to its customers pushing them to continue to innovate and develop new services.

Products offered by Carbonite

Carbonite has been offering online backup services plans for both individuals and business customers since it was founded back in 2005. Each one of the services offers state-of-the-art technology that gives the user peace of mind knowing that their data is safe and sound. Carbonite’s automatic backup and sync software securely encrypts all files and stores them on one of their data centers with unlimited space available.

Carbonite Products for Business are feature filled and designed to be easy for network administrators to deploy all across the company network. They offer three different levels of service plans including; Pro, Server and Appliance.

Pro Online Backup Plan is designed to give your business peace of mind knowing that your companies data is safe and secure at all times. No more need to buy a bunch of external drives in order to backup your important data on computers in your business. Carbonites Pro Plan will automatically backup files in a secured encrypted storage area in the cloud.

Server Online Backup Plan is a unique multi-layer backup plan that combines a cloud, local and hybrid approach to your network backup. It provides the ultra-secure cloud backup with fully encrypted storage, allows for backup to external, network connected devices locally. At the same time keeps an online copy safe in cloud in case of a disaster striking your local storage solution.

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Appliance Online Backup Plan is hybrid backup solution by combining their award-winning cloud based online storage and a physical hardware device for providing total system restore capabilities. You will be able quickly restore your full network including, OS, applications and files in case of a disaster.

Carbonite offers its online backup service plans for individuals as well as for business. You can get the same high level of secured backup that their business clients have enjoyed. They offer three different service plans; Basic, Plus and Prime.

Basic Online Backup Plan offers an unlimited amount of backup storage space in Carbonite’s owned data centers. All your files all automatically backup and encrypted when they are stored in the cloud. With your data being stored in cloud you can access it from anywhere there is a connection to the Internet. This plan covers a single computer running Windows/Mac.

Plus Online Backup Plan offers all the same benefits of the basic plan including automatic sync and backup of files from your computer to Carbonite’s secured data center. It also includes the ability to backup from an external storage device. As an added layer of protection against data loss it can create a mirror backup allowing for quicker restore of your computer in the case of a disaster.

Prime Online Backup Plan is the top of the line plan for individuals from Carbonite. This plan gives you all of the state-of-the-art backup and security features of the first two plans with additional features. In the case of total loss of the your system, you can request a physical copy of your backup from Carbonite and it will be shipped via a courier to minimize downtime.

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In the short period of time since Straight Talk Wireless began it quickly became known for offering truly unlimited wireless cell phone service and smartphones without have to be required to sign a contract. Straight Talk partnered with discount retailer Walmart and you can find Straight Talk Wireless in more than 3000 store locations. They also put all of their products and service plans on the website; On the website you can find a special promo that has a promo code to be used to save you money.

The Internet is a good resource for retailers like Straight Talk to offer their products to a wider audience of prospective customers. Their e-commerce website has all of the products and services they offer in one location and makes it simple to purchase a service plan and phone with just a few clicks. Visitors also can get a special bonus for buying online if they use the promotional coupon code during checkout. This code will apply the discount immediately and not require any additional action from the buyer to save money.

Online retailers like Straight Talk also use seasonal and holiday promotional sales in order to encourage visitors to their website to buy their phones and service plans. They will place a special promo code during the promotional period and when redeemed during checkout you get the instant rebate.

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Retailers will also use this type method when it comes to releasing new products or services in order to bring more attention to its new offerings. They have special promotional codes to be used during checkout.

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About Straight Talk Wireless

Straight Talk Wireless is relatively new player in the wireless cell phone industry. They have only been around for four short years, but they have taken the cellphone service industry by storm. They offer an amazing nearly 100% service coverage throughout the United States thanks to its connection to the powerhouse wireless company Tracfone.

Straight Talk has revolutionized the wireless phone industry by offering access to the most complete wireless coverage without having to be saddled with a long, binding contract. They set out to bring in as many customers they could by offering some of the lowest prices in the industry for totally unlimited use.

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The key to Straight Talk Wireless is that it offers all of the benefits of the other wireless companies do, except they only charge you half as much and still don’t make you sign a long term contract to get the savings. They also offer most of the same smartphones that you are used to seeing with the other guys.

Along with offering smartphones, you can also use their service on tablets. They offer something that you won’t likely find anywhere else; Bring Your Own Phone. That’s right, most plans don’t let you use a current phone when you try to switch to a new service plan. Not the case with Straight Talk.

Their strategic partnership with Walmart was a stroke of genius. The combination of the no contract wireless service and Walmarts high profile distribution makes it a winning combination. Along with having a gaming changing business model, Straight Talk Wireless also has strong customer service staff.

Products offered by Straight Talk Wireless

In the four short years that Straight Talk Wireless has been in business they have built quite a reputation in the wireless phone industry. Along with the contract free service they also offer all of the popular mobile devices that you would expect to find at the leading national wireless service providers.

Along with offering a tremendous line of service plans at an unbeatable price, Straight Talk Wireless also offers the same popular cell phones that you will find from all the other leading wireless service providers. The actual phones that you can choose from will depend mostly on where you live, this is because not all phones and services are available in all areas. The list of phones that Straight Talk Wireless offers is quite extensive and includes several models from the leading hand makers like; Samsung, Nokia, LG, ZTE, Alcatel, Motorola and Apple.

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Along with all of the different models of phones to choose from Straight Talk Wireless sells several other products like; SIM Cards, Home Phones, Mobile Hotspots and Remote Alert devices.

Straight Talk SIM Cards are needed in order for you to use your current smartphone and tablet on all of the Straight Talk Wireless service plans. If your phone is a GMS type phone you will need to purchase a SIM card that is compatible with your model phone in order for it to be used with Straight Talk Wireless.

Straight Talk also offers a home phone replacement solution that means you can say goodbye to your landline and still keep your traditional corded or cordless phones. No need for Internet access or landline connection, you can even keep your phone number.

Straight Talk Wireless Mobile Hotspots brings WiFi anywhere using 3G wireless service. Works with all smartphones, tablets and laptops with needing an Internet access contract. Features an user friendly web based control panel.

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Straight Talk Wireless Alert system will send an alert text or call in the event of an intruder. It can store up to 5 separate numbers and it will notify you if any of the sensor devices are tripped by an intruder. It does require a Straight Talk plan in order for it to be activated. Straight Talk also sells two types of wireless sensors; for door/windows and motion detectors.

Straight Talk Wireless Service Plans are required to be purchased in order for all of the products to be activated. All of the plans that are offered by Straight Talk depends on the area you live and will be using the devices. They offer 5 unlimited service plans including 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and a 30 day basic plan.

Straight Talk Wireless has a number of unique features and their BYOP is probably the most unique in the fact that it allows your to bring your own phone (phone number) with you to Straight Talk and get a plan. Most wireless companies force you to select one of the phones they offer in order to sign up for one of their airtime plans.

Piriform Coupon Code

Piriform has been developing computer optimization software for both consumers and businesses for more than 10 years. Their software is being used by individuals, businesses large and small all over the globe. While they are located in small shop in West London, they are able to reach a wider audience of users via its e-commerce website located at; On the website visitors can find a special promo that includes a coupon code in order to get special pricing.

Many of today’s software companies large and small have found the benefits of using the Internet as a way to reach more potential customers as well as staying in touch with current users of its software. By using the Internet to automate its product sales it helps this small company to be able to compete with the larger companies. Along with the ease of checkout, Piriform uses promotional sales in order to encourage every visitor to make a purchase while they are on the site. The sale includes a coupon that is redeemable at checkout.

Piriform also uses special coupon codes when they are promoting a new product or releasing the latest version of one of their popular software products. They will usually have a special link or even a banner directing visitors to a page where they have a coupon. With this code you will be able to get special pricing depending on the promotion being run.

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Piriform also uses seasonal and holiday promotions in order to boost its sales. They will post a special coupon and when it is redeemed at checkout, the discount is immediately applied.

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About Piriform

The Piriform is a small town software company founded in London, United Kingdom. While it is a small company at heart, it makes software that is recognized globally and is being used by millions of computer users. It is a private limited company that was founded by Guy Saner back in 2004.

Along with its headquarters in the UK, it also has a United States operation (Piriform Inc.) and it has an office located New York City, New York on Madison Ave. They also have several regional offices located in North America and also in Eastern Europe. They employ many dedicated people as software developers, customer support staff and technical support staff so they can provide the best quality software and be willing to stand behind everything they sell.

Piriform is recognized as the global leader in computer optimization software and its software products are currently being used in 195 countries all over the world. People have installed Piriform products over one billion times and that says a lot about the quality of products they produce.

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Piriform is known for creating software that makes computers run faster, be more secure and protects your personal information. It’s optimization technologies that goes into every one of their software products that are developed by their talented team of software developers. Along with a talented group of employees, Piriform relies heavily on a team of volunteers that perform a very important set of tasks including language translation, testing and support for their software products.

Products offered by Piriform

The Piriform has been developing PC optimizing software for more than 10 years ever since the company was founded in small building in West London. They developed their software to run on both Windows OS and Mac OSX operating system.

Since 2004 Piriform has been providing its customers with the highest quality optimization software in the industry. They offer a line of products for both consumers and for businesses.

Piriform created seven software products especially for consumers and they are are designed to run on Windows, Mac OSX, Android and even a cloud service:

Piriform CCleaner is the flagship software developed for keeping computers running faster by eliminating unused files, setting and other things that take up precious hard drive space. Clears out browser history, cached web pages and other files collected during each browser session. Cleans out startup file to help the computer launch faster.

Piriform Defraggler was developed to go beyond the basic function of defragmenting a computers hard drive. Piriform designed it to be able to be able to defrag at a file level unlike the defragmenter bundled in with MS Windows OS.

Piriform Recuva is a powerful tool for recovering lost or accidentally deleted files from any Windows computer. It is capable of finding lost files on USB drives as well as SD memory cards.

Piriform Speccy is a simple to use tool that will analyze all of the hardware inside your computer and puts it in an easy to read chart. No more guessing what type of processor or memory you have inside you computer case.

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Piriform CCleaner for Mac is designed especially to keep an Apple’s Mac OSX including the latest version 10.10 (Yosemite) running at optimum speed. It keeps Safari from slowing down from excessive online use.

Piriform CCleaner for Android is the easy to use tool for keeping any Android enabled smartphone and tablet running fast. Helps to reclaim storage space which is at a premium on most mobile devices.

Piriform puts the powerful optimization tools in cloud where you can access them from anywhere there is Internet access.

Piriform also created eight software products for business customers that will run on Windows, Mac OSX, Android and cloud services:

CCleaner Business Edition is the most powerful optimizing software designed to keep all of the desktop computers in your business running at their best. It will keep them secure and helps to reduce or eliminate crashes completely.

CCleaner Technician Edition is the perfect tool for any service provider company, it is a powerful tool to keep your customers computers running fast, safe and secure at all times. It can be loaded on from a USB drive or installed remotely for quick deployment.

CCleaner Network Edition can be used to optimize and secure every computer on your company’s network. Supports SMS, Enterprise networks and also fully compatible with Active Directory.

CCleaner Network Professional is powerful network support tool that combines the optimization of CCleaner and disk management features of Defraggler all inside one single software suite.