Techsmith Promotional Code

Techsmith is a software development company that designs products for both consumer and corporate customers. Their client base stretches all over the globe in more than 180 countries. They are able to reach a wide audience from their e-commerce website that can be found at; By using they can offer a special coupon and promotional code that gives the purchaser a pre-determined discount.

The Internet has become quite popular for today’s retailers to help them bolster their sales outside of the typical inside sales force. This also means their competition has more than likely come to same conclusion and done the same thing. So Techsmith had to come up with ways to stay ahead of their competitors online. One of the ways they have done this is by lowering the cost that consumers pay by using discount promo code on the site.

By entering one of the promo code at checkout, the person making the purchase instantly receives the discount applied and therefore don’t have to mess around with the old style mail-in rebates.

Online retailers use seasonal and holiday promotional sales much like you find at regular brick and mortar stores. They will run their promos and special pricing for a period time during which you can find a promotional code posted and when you enter it in the designated box at checkout, the discount will be applied.

Techsmith Promotional Code

Techsmith also uses special promotional codes promotions when they are announcing the launch of a new product, this is another way to encourage visitors to purchase one of their products.

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About Techsmith Corporation

Techsmith is small town company with global following, their products are being used today in over 180 countries across the globe. It was co-founded in Okemos, Michigan and they maintain the company headquarters there. Bill Hamilton is one of the co-founders of Techsmith which actually began as a consulting firm and it eventually became a full fledged software company when they launched their very first product in 1991 called; Snagit.

Techsmith employs a small number of employees at their headquarters in Michigan and an international facility in Tokyo, Japan. Though they are a small-sized company, they still are able to deliver industry leading screen capture, screen recording and editing software for consumer and business customers. The 300 employees are very dedicated to making the best software and supporting each and every customer that buys their products.

Their flagship software Snagit is still being offered, they have used their expertise in developing software to expand their reach into a number of other markets. Their software can be found in a wide range of industries including, Government agencies at all levels, education, manufacturing, medical and healthcare.


Along with their software development staff, they have a sizable customer service and technical support staff that is available during company business hours to answer any of your software questions or issues you might have. They also developed quite extensive knowledge base that is available 24/7/365 days a year that has answers to a wide range of questions. There is also a place to submit questions if you don’t find the answer you seek.

Products offered by Techsmith

Since it was founded back in 1987 in Michigan, Techsmith has continued to provide industry leading screen capture and recording software for both Windows and Mac OS platforms. They also recently developed apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The developers at Techsmith used the technology they developed to create 8 powerful software products being used by corporations and individuals in over 180 countries. These programs include their flagship and very first product Snagit, Camtasia, Relay. Fuse, Coach’s Eye, Morae, Knowmia Teach and

Techsmith Snagit is Techsmiths flagship software for screen capture, recording and editing with just a few mouse clicks. Record your screen as a video and edit the video. Save the videos to a wide range of targets such as Google Drive, Microsoft Office suite and several other options within Snagit.

Techsmith Camtasia for both Windows OS and MAC OSX is a powerful screen recorder that is capable of recording all or part of your screen. It is also capable of recording from a HD camera source. The editing tools within Camtasia are easy to use and will have you editing videos like the pros.

Techsmith Relay is a powerful set of tools that turns videos from a number of sources including smartphones and desktop computers. It has editing tools that can be used to create video tutorials that can be shared. The built -in manager lets you share the videos and track them and by using several different analytic tools you can see how many people have viewed your shared video.

Techsmith Fuse is powerful program that can be used to import images and video from your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and then open the files in one of the other Techsmith programs like Relay, Snagit and Camtasia. Then the content can be shared with any number of people.

Techsmith Coach’s Eye is made especially for sports uses. Capture video and by using the powerful tools to analyze the video. Whether it is slow motion or frame by frame scrubbing you can precisely view any of the action on the video. It comes with powerful drawing tool and audio voiceover to improve any video.

TechSmith Camtasia Studio

Techsmith Morae makes it possible for you to create your own focus groups and record all the activities. The software takes the video and analyzes it and delivers the data you need. The parameters for the analysis is programmable in order to get the most out of the focus group.

Techsmith Knowmia Teach is the newest addition to the Techsmith line of powerful software. It is designed especially for educators. It can be use to easily create video lessons that are designed to better engage the students no matter what subject the teacher is presenting to their student.

Techsmith is a content sharing site that allows you to upload the video and images where they are hosted and you can share directly on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also send the it through email and instant message with the special embed code from

ABBYY Coupon Codes

ABBYY is an international company that designs powerful document software products that are tailored for both consumer use as well as still being powerful enough for business purposes. To be able to reach a global market they established their e-commerce website on the Internet. This gives them the perfect platform to be able to run special promos and use coupon or voucher codes to give visitors offer pricing.

These days the competition on the Internet is getting very tough and it sometimes it is not quite good enough to develop a great product, you have to be able to be very competitive. One way to do that is by offering a coupon code that can be redeemed at checkout and depending on the promotion being run, the discount will be applied.

Many businesses use seasonal or holidays to design creative ways to offer visitors special prices in order to incentivise them to try out one or more of their products. So when you arrive at their site while they are running a promotion you want to be sure that they copy the coupon code for use at checkout.

Abbyy Promotional Code

Promotional deals and special offers are normally short lived and that means you need to check the website for a coupon code whenever you are in the market for products that they make. They have been trying in different ways to help the customers with the coupon or promo codes. has a special section that is part of the website store and this is a section where they offer special sales on their products through the usage of Coupon for Students and Teachers and also a big savings for customers using their volume license model.

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ABBYY is a global company that specializes in developing products that are designed to convert paper documents into a digital format. They also have products that are used for language recognition and conversion. All of Abbyy products are marketed to both business and consumers. It was founded in Moscow, Russia back in 1989 by a man named David Yang.

ABBYY is currently headquartered in Moscow, Russia and operates several offices throughout the world in; Munich, Germany, Milpitas, California, USA, Tokyo, Japan, Taipei, Taiwan, Theale, UK, Kiev, Ukraine, Sydney, Australia, Moscow, Russia, Cyprus and Ontario, Canada. It has more than 1200 regular employees and it also counts on 900 freelancers to fill numerous positions.

Many of the 2000+ employees work in each of the representative offices in the different parts of the world. From these offices they can handle all of the sales and support needs of both businesses and consumer clients. They also have a dedicated staff of developers who are responsible for innovating and creating all of Abbyy products.

Abbyy Pdf Transformer Promotional Code

This includes their flagship optical character recognition software which works on both PC and mobile devices. They have been recognized by leading organizations for their dedication to continuing to innovate and to creating its industry leading software. In 2011, ABBYY was recognized by KMWorld as one of the 100 companies the matter in Knowledge Management. Again in 2006 ABBYY USA was awarded the Fujitsu Quarterly Innovative Award.

Products offered from ABBYY

Since its founding back in 1989 in Moscow, Russia the people at ABBYY have been at the forefront in optical character recognition software and they continue to expand their expertise in machine translation and text semantic analysis.

ABBYY has developed industry leading software and markets it for Personal and Home Office, SMB and Enterprise and Integration and Developing. The software was developed on wide range of user platforms including: Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 Touch, Online, Linux and Embedded.

ABBYY’s Personal and Home line of software consists of their flagship OCR FineReader 12 Professional and is available for Windows and Mac, turns scanned documents into editable documents on any PC running Windows, FineScanner for iOS turns any iOS mobile device into a document scanner, PDF Transformer + makes possible to edit pdf’s. It also includes their Text Extraction software Screenshot Reader allows the creation of screenshots of any open documents, files, menus and web pages and TextGrabber + Translator for iOS and Android for capturing and translation of pages from book and magazines with a smartphone. For home business, Abbyy Business Card Management software Business Card Reader for Windows, iOS, Android and Windows Phone scans business cards and organizes them into a usable database . Also Dictionary and Translation software Lingvo for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Lingvo Phrasebook for iOS and SmartCat for Freelancers for Windows translates languages in order to make communicating in foreign languages easier.

Abbyy FineReader Promo Code

ABBYY’s markets products and sells them in Small to Medium sized Business and Enterprises category that includes the Data and Document Capture software FlexiCapture which is a highly scalable data capture and document processing software for businesses and Recognition Server based servers is an OCR & PDF conversion for businesses. Abbyy also have OCR, PDF and Document Conversion products specifically for business which includes FineReader 12 Corporate for Windows and Mac which turns scanned, pdf and photos in editable documents. PDF Transformer + for Windows for working with PDF’s. Business Card Management software called Business Card Reader WIndows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone for capturing, storing and organizing business cards. Dictionaries and Translation software Lingvo x6 for Windows translates words from a foreign language into an understandable language and Lingvo Dictionary Server gives access to language dictionaries from a company intranet. Language Services and Tool software Translation and Localization online, Aliner for Windows is a desktop based translation service product, Legal Translation and SmartCat for Companies for Windows is a cloud based automated language translation service.

ABBYY’s Integration and Development products are designed especially for developers in order to create software and it includes OCR/ICR SDK’s FineReader Engine for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Online and Embedded, Mobile OCR Engine for iOS and Android. Data Capture SDK’s FlexiCapture Engine for Windows. Image Processing SDK’s Mobile Imaging SDK for iOS, Android. Knowledge Discovery SDK’s Intelligent Search SDK’s and Intelligent Tagger SDK.

FlexiSpy Coupon Code

Flexispy has been developing and designing cell phone monitoring software and apps since it was founded. They offer their full line of products to both businesses and consumers from its e-commerce website; When purchasing through they run promo deals and offer coupon codes that can be entered during checkout. These discounts will vary from time to time.

Online retailers realize that they have to compete for every customer they get these days and it is no different for Flexispy. Even though they are widely thought of as the industry leader in cell phone monitoring software, they still do have competition. So in order to stay ahead of them, they run special promotions throughout the year. During these periods you will find coupon codes to be used during checkout and the pre-determined discount will be applied before your final checkout.

Along with the traditional promotions that are centered on holidays and other things, Flexispy will use a promotional deal to encourage visitors to purchase a new software product or latest version of a current popular product. By offering a special coupon code that a purchaser can enter when they are ready to checkout, they are able offer their software at a discounted price.

FlexiSpy Discount Coupon

These special discounts they run are usually short lived so you will want to check the site to see if they have a coupon code posted. That way you can save money when you are ready to make your next purchase.

Flexispy Discount Coupon Save up to 50%

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About Flexispy

Flexispy specializes in providing professional level cell phone monitoring software. The company was founded back in 2004 and the very first product that was created was a commercial grade spy phone. As the industry leader in cell phone monitoring they offer their cross-platform products that cover most every phone OS on the market. All of their products are available for both consumer and corporate clients and works with most all phones; Android, iPhone, RIM Blackberry, Nokia’s Symbian and Microsofts Windows Mobile

They have built a strong reputation in the software development world and are known far and wide for their innovations especially when it comes to new technologies in the cell phone monitoring industry. They were the first to create a GPRS delivery system and to offer a spy phone for Maemo. Their ability to intercept live calls on multiple cell phone platforms including Android, iPhone, Rim Blackberry, Nokia-Symbian and Windows Mobile was also an industry first.

They employ a full time customer service staff that is fully capable of answering every one of your questions. The can be contacted by phone, email and of course online chat and are willing to answer every one of your questions. They also have a FAQ section online that is filled with so many questions and answers that you are sure to find the answer you need any time of day or night.

Flexispy monitoring software coupon

They stand behind every one of their products and offer a full 10 day, no questions asked refund policy. So if you are not completely satisfied with their products or services, you will get your money back.

Products offered by Flexispy

Flexispy has been developing and innovating software in the cell phone monitoring industry since 2004. They are the industry leader when it comes to allowing their consumer and business clients a way to spy on the people they need to. They designed each app to be virtually invisible and using their exclusive web-based control panel you can gain access to the information you seek.

They developed their premier software platform to work on the widest range of cell phones in the industry. There is an app available for download for the following; Android OS, Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry, Apple iPad and several others.

Flexispy for Android mobile devices includes; many of the smartphones and tablets running the Android OS. The feature pack app lets you gain control of almost any Android phone or tablet and listen in on conversations, track location via GPS and record live conversations. The app has to be downloaded and activated on the device of the person you want to spy on. Whether you are a business owner wanting to keep track of employees or a spouse who wants to know if you are being cheated on, Flexispy has everything you will need. All information gathered by Flexispy is accessible via any Internet browser. By purchasing one of the two services that Flexispy offers you will get access to two levels of information; Premium and Extreme.

flexispy screenshot

Flexispy for Apple iPhone Tracker gives you power to take control of most all iPhones which includes the iPhone 5s. The Flexispy iPhone Tracker is the only one of its kind that is capable of remotely turning on the phone’s microphone without the person knowing it. So if you suspect your child is getting into trouble or even your spouse is being unfaithful you can download this app and activate it. Once activated all of the information gathered and stored in a secured account. The software is packed with features and depending on what level of service you pay for will depend on what features you have access to. The two levels you will have to choose from are Premium and Extreme.

Flexispy for RIM Blackberry Smartphones is the most powerful and comprehensive spying software designed to run on the Blackberry OS. The powerful Flexispy app can be downloaded and activated on any Blackberry. Once installed it is virtually undetectable and it can be used to spy on all forms of communications including listening in on both sides of a live conversation depending on which level of the software service you purchase. The basic level called Premium and Extreme. All the information gathered from the app is stored on Flexispy’s server and you will have access through a secured account from any browser.

Flexispy for Apple iPad with SpyCam is the only software of its kind that allow you to remotely gain control of the microphone and webcam on any iPad. The unique design of SpyCam does not show any indication that it has been turned on and it will record audio and video of everything within range. Flexispy also comes with 150 features for monitoring and recording of several different activities including; Skype, IM, email and GPS locations. Flexispy for Apple iPad is available in two versions and each comes with specific features; Premium and Extreme.

Bullguard Coupon Code

Bullguard is one of the fastest growing businesses in the Internet Security and Mobile Security market. Today, they sell all of their award winning products to the visitors of its e-commerce website. On their company website they will run a promo in which they post a coupon code that will offer special pricing on a specific product.

The people a Bullguard knows that in order for them to stay in front of their competitors that not only have to continue to be innovative when it comes to designing their software, they also need to be innovative when it comes to marketing all of their products. One way they have figured out to improve their sales is through the use of coupon codes and special promotional deals.

While seasonal or holidays are traditional times for Internet businesses to run their promotions, software companies also use this technique to help promote new releases of their software. They will use coupon codes that are entered into a special box at checkout and it applies the pre-determined discounts.

Bullguard Coupon Code

Sometimes they also will use coupon codes in their marketing strategies by including them inside email marketing campaigns which allows subscribers to copy and paste the code while they are checkout with each purchase.

Since these types of promotions do not have any real standard for time periods, you will want to check their website to see if they are running any specials and check for a coupon code.

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About Bullguard

Bullguard is a software company that specializes in security and backup software for both desktop computers and mobile device users. It was founded back in 2001 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by a pair of Danish entrepreneurs; Morten Lund and Theis Søndergaard. The company offers products for desktop and mobile devices for home and small business customers.

The company is headquartered in London, Great Britain and employ thousands of people in the home office as well as in several regional offices in location in UK, Denmark, Romania, Sweden, Belgium, Australia, Germany and the United States. Their software competes head to head with the products being offered by most of the leading players in Internet security industry.

With thousands of employees spread throughout world in the headquarters in London and all of the other locations including in United States where they offer support services to all of the users of the Bullguard software products. Through the use multiple platforms like phone, email and live Internet chat, customers can get answers to all of their important questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days year.

bullguard internet security 50% off coupon

Bullguard has been designing and innovating in security software industry since 2001 and over the years it has received numerous awards from different organizations for many of its products and its Internet Security and Antivirus products gained certification by three of the leading independent testing groups; VB100, AV-Comparatives and AV-Test.

Products offered by Bullguard

The software engineers at Bullguard have been refining the original security technology that the founders create back in 2001. Over the years they have added additional technologies and through strategic partnerships they have put together an impressive number of products. Each one is highly competitive with most of the industry leaders.

Bullguard offers industry leading security technology built in to every one of its product lines; Protection Premium, Internet Security, Antivirus, Identity Protection, Mobile Security, Mobile Backup and Desktop Backup.

Premium Protection from Bullguard is leading security product that combines industry leading technologies. This software suite is packed full of features that touches on all of the most important aspects of security. This includes Internet security, anti-virus protection, social media protection, identity protection, parental controls, spam filters, browser safety, PC tuneup, firewall and scheduled backups.

bullguard antivirus coupon

Internet Security from Bullguard is packed with features to protect users while connected to the Internet. It includes antivirus protection, stops potentially harmful programs from launching, powerful parental controls, advanced backup utilities, firewall, spam filters, safe browsing and PC tuneup tools.

Antivirus from BullGuard was designed with Bullguards industry leading threat protection technology. Its multilayer technology makes its scans extremely fast while not taking up too much of your system resources which will slow you down. It is also has additional features like; spam filters, safe browsing to help prevent most of malware attacks before they even reach your computer.

Identity Protection from Bullguard is a powerful tool that is designed to continuously monitor the web to prevent your personal information from being accessed. When setting up the software you will input a wide range of information including SSN, CC’s and other important information and it will monitor the Internet, social networks and dark web to ensure your information is safe. It also features parental controls which can monitor social media profiles.

Bullguard Online Backup Offer

Mobile Security from Bullguard is one the newest product added to the Bullguard lineup. With increase of mobile device usage it only made sense that they expand into the mobile security market. It features antivirus protection designed especially for mobile OS’s, anti theft which can track down a stolen phone and will remotely wipe the phone to prevent your information from being stolen, backup feature which will backup contacts, call logs and other data, call manager which can block unwanted phone calls, prevented unwanted spam in your SMS messages and parental controls.

Mobile Back from Bullguard is a powerful suite of tools that every mobile user should have. It provides up to 2GB’s of free online storage to backup your stuff. Your stored data is encrypted while being stores and during transfer operations. It provides for easy migration of your old phones data to a new phone. Your backed up data is accessible via a web interface from anywhere. Using an incremental backup you can chose to backup data at any time. You can also schedule full backups and forget about them.

Bullguard Backup is a totally free backup software package that is bundled with Bullguards a 30-day trial of Bullguards Cloud Backup service. If you sign up for the trial you get 5GB of cloud space to store your backups. The software however, is capable of backing up the files to a number of other devices like CD, USB stick and local or external hard drives.

Palo Alto Software Promo Code

Palo Alto Software has been developing and refining its business planning software for more than 20 years. You can find all of its software products on its e-commerce website and they offer a Promotional Code and Coupon code to save customers at checkout. They also run special promo sales through the year and offer pricing deals.

Like so many other businesses these days, Palo Alto realized that in order to keep ahead of its competitors it has to offer its visitors to their website a reason to look at their software. One of the most popular ways online retailers use to improve sales is to run promotional sales at different times of the year. So, from time-to-time they run these sales where they offer promo codes which are entered during checkout.

While promotional deals normally happen through the year depending seasons, Palo Alto Software also uses them to help push a new software product or newest version of one of their many products. During these special periods they post a promotional code & Voucher Code for customers to use in order to save a pre-determined amount of money off of each purchase.

Palo Alto Business Plan Coupon

If you are an entrepreneur with an idea for a business and you are looking for funding, you really need to have the best business plan to present to the bank or over funding sources. This is where having the been business plan will really pay off. Let Palo Alto Software help you put together the perfect plan for your business. You can also take advantage of a promo code to save you some money.

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Palo Alto LivePlan – 50% Off

Palo Alto Sales and Marketing Pro – up to $25 Off


About Palo Alto Software

Palo Alto Software is in business to provide other companies effective business plans in order to plot a course for their company so that it can be successful. It was began by a man that had a strong reputation as a business planning consultant in California’s Silicon Valley. Tim Berry left a V.P. job at planning and research firm in 1983 to start his own business that became Palo Alto Software which went public in 1986. A couple years later in 1988 it was incorporated as Palo Alto Software.

Today, Palo Alto Software offers multiple business planning software products for small and large businesses. With its offices located in downtown Eugene, Oregon it maintains its small company feel as it did was Tim Berry first made the courageous decision to start the company. While they have their roots firmly planted in the small town feel, the software they develop has a global following. It can be found at work in 180 countries all across the globe.

While the company’s headquarters here in the states, they do operate an international headquarters which is located in London, United Kingdom. From there, they are able to better support its software users in Europe and other parts of world. Through its numerous lines of business related software, Palo Alto Software has helped more than one million entrepreneurs get started in business and gave them a roadmap to success. All of its software products can be purchased from its website, just click here to see all that they have to offer.

Products offered by Palo Alto Software

Since the beginning with its flagship business planning software, Palo Alto Software has continued to evolve its business related software products. This includes its new flagship product LivePlan which replaced its venerable Business Plan Pro as its top of the line business plan product.

Palo Alto Software tried to keep to its roots as a small business oriented software maker when it decided to stick to its core business plan concept. Unlike other software companies that diversified into other markets, they stuck to what they knew best; business planning.

liveplan promo code

Their e-commerce website was designed to make it easy for visitors to find the products that best suit their needs. You can search by Product Category, Product Type and also Solutions for different types of industries like; Government, Students & Faculty, Nonprofits, Enterprise and Business Plans for Mac.

The products that Palo Alto Software offers is a wide range of software products that fit mostly into the business development market. They are listed under five distinct categories on their website; Business Planning Software, Business Planning, Start a Business, Marketing and Online Business Planning.

Their business planning software is where the company started for Palo Alto Software, Business Plan Pro Premier Edition is its complete software package with all of the bells and whistles. They also offer their Business Plan Pro Standard Edition that offers its core technologies at a significant savings.

Business Planning is at the core of Palo Alto Software and business planning products is at its heart. Along with their traditional software programs their offer other products designed to enhance their offerings like; Market Reports which are tailored to fit your industry, Business Plan Writing by their expert writers, Plan as You Go Business Plan Guide, Hurdles: The Book on Business Planning and Creating a Successful Business Plan Guide.

Along with their business planning software programs, they also offer additional products that are specifically designed for starting a business. These are mainly guides and software that offer advice on a wide range of topics like; Email Center Pro, How to Start a Business Course, Market Reports, Financing Your Small Business.

palo alto business plan pro promo code

Palo Alto Software knows that these days marketing is a big part of growing a successful business both online and offline. So they also include products to help businesses set up a successful marketing strategy. Each of their marketing products are filled with step-by-step guides and plans designed to help any business large or small. These products include; Sales and Marketing Pro, On Target: The Book on Marketing Plans, Duct Tape Marketing and Marketing Your Small Business.

Palo Alto Software launched its newest product LivePlan as their online business planning. It encompasses creating your pitch to the bank in order to obtain your funding. It also helps you setup a step-by-step strategy to reach your goals successfully. Finally it provides real time tracking of your progress of your business, complete with reports and charts.

Webroot Coupon Code

Webroot Inc. has been developing threat protection software for both individuals and businesses since it began and now it offers all of its products through its e-commerce website; By visiting the website during their special promotional sales you can use a coupon code to get special pricing or even a discount.

Webroot realized that in order to stay ahead of its competitors they have to not only continue to innovate in the threat protection software arena, they also have to give the visitors to their website extra incentives to make purchases from the website. One of most popular ways to do this is to post unique coupon codes that can entered during checkout and depending on the promo they are running at the time, you will receive a percentage off of the purchase.

webroot secureanywhere

While they are not always running regular promotional sales, they generally plan extra special deals when Webroot releasing a new version of one of their popular products or announcing the launch of a brand new product. They will want to draw as much attention to it by placing a coupon code that gives the buyer a big discount to get their hands of a great new product.

The length of time a promotional deal runs depends on many factors and the amount of the discount will also vary. Sometimes an online retailer will use coupon codes in order lower the price of a product in order to compete with a rival retailer.

Webroot SecureAnywhere 2015 complete 55% Off

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus 2015 – 50% Off

Webroot Business Security Solutions – 10% or more Off


About Webroot, Inc

Webroot was founded back in 1997 in Boulder, CO by Steven Thomas after releasing his first commercially viable security product called Webroot Window Washer. After finding investors for his small startup, he began working on the developing of a new type of software capable of blocking spyware. In 2002, Webroot launched its first anti-spyware software called Spy Sweeper.

As the company began to grow in the computer security industry they developed an antivirus program and it was incorporated it into its Spy Sweeper software. They released Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus in 2006 and continued to evolve its technologies and eventually added firewall protection to its flagship Spy Sweeper AntiVirus programs.

As mobile communication began to explode, Webroot was in the forefront and in 2011 they launched security products for the Android OS that is currently running on millions of smartphones and tablets all over the world. Their technology was designed to protect the user against both web browser intrusions as well as ones from downloaded apps.

webroot security for pc mobile coupon code

While Webroot Inc. originally began in Boulder, they eventually settled in Broomfield, CO and that is where they built the current headquarters facility. As the business continued to grow their operation started spreading out west with two operations in California in San Mateo and San Diego. They also branched out globally with other operations in Germany, Austria, Australia, Ireland, Japan and in the United Kingdom.

Webroots threat protection software is preferred and used by many companies for its reliability, ease of use and the industry leading technical and customer support services.

Products offered by Webroot, Inc

Webroot Inc. has been developing powerful threat protection software for Windows and Mac operating systems since it was founded in 1997. From its inception Webroot has set out to provide its clients with the highest level of antivirus, spyware and malware protection in the industry. They even have other Internet security companies that use their technology in their own operations.

Over the years they have had a number of innovations that evolved into the lines of security products that they offer for both individuals to use on their home computers, mobile devices as well as businesses that need additional protection for their enterprise network.

Webroot Inc. offers a full line of products for individuals to protect both desktop computers and laptops running Windows OS and Mac OSX. Webroot offers three levels of protections; basic, plus and complete. Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus provides one year of threat protection and covers a single device, at the time of purchase you may add an extra year at a reduced price.

Webroot Protect PC, Mobile Coupon Banner

Webroot also sells a higher level of protection product called SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus. This product includes all of the features found in its antivirus software plus the addition of coverage on smartphones and tablets. It also features account logins and passwords. It can be used to protect up to three devices and includes one year of protection.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete is its highest level of protection offered for individuals and it includes all of the features found in their antivirus, Internet Security Plus along with 25GB’s of secure online cloud storage and the ability to protect your online experience. It also comes with one year of protection that covers up to 5 devices.

For as long as they have been in business Webroot Inc. has protected more than a million clients and that includes top businesses all over the world. Webroot SecureAnywhere Business protects your business from Malware and Internet based threats to your network. It offers three levels of business protection; Small/Home Office, Small/Medium Business and Large Enterprise.

At the heart of Webroot SecureAnywhere Business is its Endpoint Protection that delivers instant protection and continuously scans your devices to ensure no malware gets through. It is managed from a web based console for ease of operation. In the Small/Home office it covers up to four devices per user and works on desktop, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Small/Medium Business also includes Endpoint Protection plus several other features like Web Security Service, Remote Management, Last Good-state Rollback and Remediation. It also can be used on up to 4 devices per user.

Webroot Enterprise Business includes all of the protections and features found in the other two systems, plus includes full network protection. All devices that connect across your company’s enterprise network are covered by the one year protection plan. It will give your business the highest level of threat protection against malware and other attacks from the Internet.

Intego Mac Security Coupon Code

Intego Software develops antivirus and security products for Apple Mac and other Apple products and sells them through its online e-commerce website Once there you will have access to all of their award-winning software and special promos and by using the coupon code you can enjoy the savings on your purchase.

The software industry has been very competitive these days and that means software developers have to find ways to attract more new customers to their products. While Intego has been creating industry leading software for years, it still has to find ways to incentivise those visitors to make purchases. One of those ways is to offer a coupon code which gives a certain amount off your purchase.

Intego runs sales promotions throughout the year and if you are lucky to visit their web site during one of these promotions you be able use the unique coupon code at that the time you are ready to checkout and complete your purchase.

Intego Mac Protection

The discount amount being offered will depend on what type of promotion that is being run at the time and it will vary. So you will want to check the site from time to time to be able to take advantage of the money-saving offers when you can.

Intego also uses what it calls a Dual Protection Coupon Code, which means that the code needs to used to receive the product key for its products and activation codes for specific software products.

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About Intego Software

The Apple Mac and other Apple products are unique and while once thought to be safe from intruders from the Internet they too can be vulnerable to spyware, viruses and other malware. Intego was founded back in 1997 with a singular goal, keep Mac’s and any other Apple products safe for use on the Internet.

Over the years it has developed industry leading technologies that are capable of protecting users of Mac and iOS operating systems, which includes the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices. They created a full line of both consumer and business level software so that no matter what your needs, they had a product to fit those needs.

They developed their software to be used by all users regardless of your skill level; from beginner all the way up to very experienced user and everyone in between. Along the way they have won award after award from many of the Macworld trade magazines for their innovations and ease of use.

intego washing machine

Intego was founded back in 1997 by Laurent Marteau and he is still the current CEO of the company. It maintains three world wide offices which are located in Austin, TX in the United States, Paris, France in Europe and Nagano, Japan in Asia. From these three offices it helps Mac users throughout the world have a safer experience on the Internet. All Intego products are developed using universal binaries, that means it is available multiple language like English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Products offered by Intego Software

Intego Software company has been making antivirus and security software for the Apple Mac users for 17 years. While many believe that Mac OSX operating system is pretty much immune to the all the virus concerns like Microsoft Windows users you would sadly mistaken, OSX is vulnerable to its own set of viruses and other nefarious types of malware lurking around the Internet.

They designed software for both individuals that prefer a Mac over a Windows based PC and for businesses looking to keep their Mac based enterprise network secure. They also engineered a line of security products made especially for Apple mobile devices which run on iOS operating system.

Intego Software products offers Mac users a wide range of benefits including:

  • Secure Internet usage
  • Antivirus protection
  • Mac desktop optimization
  • Disk cleaning/optimizing
  • Parental Controls
  • Internet usage monitoring
  • Web filtering
  • Firewall protection
  • Mobile iOS virus scanning

Intego Software’s home oriented products includes their Mac Internet Security X8, Mac Premium Bundle X8 are specially designed to provide individuals with 24hour anti-virus and Internet protection. The automatic scans use little of your precious resources to keep your system safe from malware.

Intego Family Protector and Family Protector Secure X8 are filled with powerful parental controls which can help keep your kids from seeing inappropriate content, limit their online time and monitoring their online usage. Family Protector Secure X8 has the addition of online security and full malware protection.

Intego Washing Machine is packed with Mac optimization tools designed to keep it running fast. By removing old, unnecessary files including duplicates being stored on your hard drive it will keep it running at its peak performance. It will also analyze your current desktop configuration and setup your dock and the rest of your desktop for optimum speed. Washing Machine Secure X8 adds virus and other malware protection along with improved network security and performance.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle

Intego Software for business offers unparalleled protection and optimization features to its business customers. Through its business line of software Flextivity, it has offered three levels of protection and services depending on your companies needs.

Flextivity Secure is the base product and it offers strictly antivirus and malware protection featuring its industry leading technology. It also provides firewall protection which helps to block on wanted malware from entering your Mac from the Internet.

Flextivity Monitor has four robust features that are designed to keep an eye on your employees online usage. You can set limits to how much usage, block specific types of sites to protect your employees from inappropriate content. It will also allow you to add application level policies company wide and restrict access where necessary using groups hierarchy. Get detailed reports on online activities that shows what websites and the amount of time spent at each one. It will also do screen captures to record anything suspicious for you to review at a later time.

Flextivity Complete is product which combines all six of the powerful tools described in both the Secure and Monitor software in one total package. So if your business needs the benefits of all of the features it would be your best option.

Intego’s VirusBarrier X8 and NetBarrier X8 are their two business oriented software programs that offer high level antivirus protection for Mac and PC with an additional feature that allows you to scan iOS devices that are attached to the Mac. NetBarrier X8 adds firewall and application monitoring to your business network.

Advance Auto Parts Coupon Code

By visiting you can use the coupon code in order to take advantage of one of the many money saving offers. is the online store established by Advance Auto Parts which operates stores all throughout the United States, but they know that no one wants to spend too much of their time looking for what they need to work on their car. So in order to be more of a convenience to their customers and to advertise some of their promo items, they put together a great website.

By putting everything they sell in their stores online, you jump on your computer or smartphone and find what you need, order it and pick up right in your local store. As an incentive to purchase online they offer special coupon code that can be redeemed when you checkout. There is sometimes a unique code that is visible on site only during the promotional period, you input the coupon code in the cart during checkout and you will automatically receive a percentage off of your purchase.

Advance Auto Parts Coupons

You can also find special promotional sales that they run during different times throughout the year. These sales usually offer a certain amount discount based on your amount of purchase. They also make use of coupon codes that may give you access to an additional item free or at a substantial discount if you choose. Advance Auto Parts also has a voucher program through their website.

While Advance Auto Parts uses these sales as a way to incentivise its customers into making a purchase from the website, you must adhere to any and all restrictions placed on the usage of promo and coupon codes. They are all spelled out on the site before you are ready to checkout.

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About Advance Auto Parts

What you know now as Advanced Auto Parts stores began as just two small stores both located in Virginia and which were at that time part of the Pep Boys company. The two store locations were purchase by a man named Arthur Taubman back in 1932. The two stores he bought were both located in the state of Virginia in Roanoke and Lynchburg.

Advanced Auto Parts continued to grow throughout the years as a retailer of automotive related products. They have also made several strategic acquisitions over the years to enter other regional markets in order to reach a much wider customer base. As of earlier in 2014 they have over 5200 company-operated store locations 49 states, Canadian provinces and Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

The stores are not just simply a place that you can pick up a quart of oil or a battery. They realize that their customers are looking to save themselves money by doing the repairs, maintenance of their vehicles themselves. So you can not only find parts, supplies and materials, you will find helpful employees that are trained to be helpful and courteous. They also offer numerous diagnostic tests that can be done to parts that can be carried into the store like batteries, starters and alternators.

Advance Auto Parts Coupon Code

They also established an online presence with their website that is an amazing resource for their customers to take advantage of. They added a brand feature which allows you to make a purchase online from your home and pick it up from a nearby Advance Auto Parts store.

Products offered by Advance Auto parts

The Advance Auto Parts website is a tremendous site that puts their entire inventory of replacement parts, accessories, tools and supplies in one location. You can search for what you are looking for in a number of ways; category, popular parts, routine maintenance, etc. Whether you are an experienced mechanic or even someone that wants to be able to do the simple maintenance like changing your oil or air filter, you can find everything you need online.

To make things easier to find on the site you can click can on the list of categories in order to find what they have to offer:

  • Air, Fuel, Emissions and Exhaust
  • Accessories, Body and Wipers
  • Batteries, Electrical and Wiring
  • Brakes, Steering and Suspension
  • Cooling and Heating
  • Electronics and Navigation
  • Engines and Ignition
  • Tools, Fluids and Garage
  • Transmission and Drivetrain

When you click on any of the categories a drop down menu appears with a general listing of all of the types of products that can be found under the category.

The Air, Fuel, Emissions and Exhaust category you will find thousands of products dealing with air cleaning, the emission system and carburetion system. They carry products from all of the leading brands like Purolator, K&N, Holley, Edlebrock, ACDelco and also foreign brands.

The Accessories, Body and Wipers category you will find a wide range of products from the leading manufacturers of wipers/replacement blades, body repair kits, dress up kits and car and seat covers. You will find most all of the top brands like Bosch, ACDelco, Rain-X, AutoCraft, BMW, Motorcraft and many more.

AdvanceAutoParts Coupons

The Batteries, Electrical and Wiring is where you will find batteries that will fit most all makes/models, replacement bulbs, flashers, starters, alternators, chargers, wiring harnesses, fuses. You will find all of the leading brands; ACDelco, Bosch, CarQuest, Autocraft, Optima and others.

The Brakes, Steering and Suspension category is where you will find the parts you need to maintain your brakes, replace worn parts in the steering, suspension, including shocks, struts, wheels and tires from all the leading manufacturers. The list includes ACDelco, Bosch, BWD, Delphi, Dorman and other name brands.

The Cooling and Heating category is where you will find almost everything you will need to maintain and repair the AC and heating systems in your vehicle. This includes belts, refrigerant, compressors, condensers, water pumps, etc. You will find many of the leading brand name products including those from; ACDelco, Motorcraft and several OEM products.

The Electronics and Navigation category is where you will find a wide range of cell phone accessories, car audio/video systems, gauges/instruments and navigation systems. You will find many of the top brands represented like; ACDelco, Accel, Boss Audio, Pyle S accessories, Bosch and many more.

The Engines and Ignition category is where you will find many parts you might need to work on your engine, including cylinder block components, engine and electronic parts, gaskets/seals and motor oils and additives. They have products from many of top brands on the market; ACDelco, Delphi, Carquest, 3M, Havoline, Mobil, Advance Auto Parts and other top brands.

The Tools, Fluids and Garage category is where you will find a wide range of tools, creepers, jack stands/ shop equipment and fluids and lubricants. You will have a wide range of the top brands to choose from. The list of brands include; Advance Auto Parts, Blue Devil, Castrol, Chevron, Eagle One, Gunk, Gumout, Lucas Oil and many more.

The Transmission and Drivetrain category is where you will find the things you might need to work on the transmission and drivetrain. They have many of the top brands on the market and they include; ACDelco, Bosch, Delphi, FelPro, Motorcraft, National and many of the other top brands on the market.

Nuance Promotional Code

Nuance Communications, through their online presence sells several software packages for both personal and business use. Nuance, like so many other online store operators offer special coupon codes to its customers in order to save on their purchases. You use the promo code when you are ready for checkout by entering the promotional code in the provided box at checkout.

Online selling has become extremely competitive these days with all businesses competing for every sale. This means they have to come up with new, unique ways to encourage each and every visitor to their site to actually make a purchase. This has been what has lead to the popularity of using coupon codes.

Nuance promo code

Along with codes, online sellers offer special promotional sales and vouchers in order to highlight new or revised versions of its more popular products. is no different. When they are ready to announce a new version, they post it to their site in hopes to draw additional attention. They will also add a coupon code option for the product.

The company created its software so that can be tailored to fit both individual and business applications such as customer service, medical and personal communication uses. In order to encourage every visitor to their website to make a purchase of one of their products they offer a coupon code as an incentive to make the purchase from them.

So if you are wanting to buy one of the many Dragon software packages from Nuance, be sure to look for their coupon code for savings off your purchase.

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About Nuance

Nuance is a global software company with regional business offices all over the world in 29 countries. They maintain both a worldwide headquarters and an international headquarters which are located in Burlington, MA and Dublin, Ireland, respectively. The company also employs around 12,000 customer oriented people at the regional and both International and Worldwide Headquarters. Along with regional offices all over the world, they also have sales representation in over 70 countries.

Nuance Communications was the pioneer of the voice recognition technology that lead to the development of their flagship software Dragon. As they continued to refine the technology they used it to expand into other types software. Their software is used by both consumers, businesses and can be found in many different industries. Their software can be found in a wide range of industries including medical, financial, manufacturing, just to name a few.

dragon naturallyspeaking

The people at Nuance from the very beginning, using their strong background in finance have built a heritage of using innovations in technology to create the best known communication software in the industry using the power of voice recognition. They have used their vast knowledge of business communication to develop other lines of software that helps companies share knowledge throughout their enterprise.

Nuance established its online presence so it can offer its customers an easier way to purchase its software products. By going online to you can see all of the software packages that Nuance offers to both consumers and businesses.

Products offered by Nuance Communications

The website is awesome resource for individuals and businesses to make purchases of the all of the software being offered by Nuance Communications. Whether you are an individual interested in the Dragon software or a business interested in one of the many business communication solutions that Nuance has to offer, you will find them all in one easy to use website. The website also offers a full line of customer and technical support services all with just a couple clicks of your mouse.

The website makes it easy for you to find the products you need whether you are looking for a consumer product or one of many products designed specifically for business. By clicking the corresponding tab at the top of the site and it will take you directly to the product pages.

They designed their business oriented software for a wide range of industries including:

  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Government
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Energy / Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Journalism
  • Retail
  • Telco / Service Providers
  • Travel / Hospitality

Nuance Communications consumer oriented software can be purchased for both WIndows operating system and Mac OSX 10.5 or higher. If you are looking for speech recognition software, you will not find a better software than Dragon for desktop and also available for your your mobile phone. Nuance also developed two versions of Dragon Personal Assistant.

Nuance also developed several products that help people with productivity like; OmniPage and PaperPort Scanning software, PowerPDF and PDF Converter for Mac. With mobile use continuing to grow, Nuance added a new line of software tailored directly to the mobile users including their industry leading Dragon voice command software.

Nuance dragon bundle

Nuance Communications used its industry leading innovative technology to create a wide range of business oriented software. All of the business software fall into four different categories; Customer Service Solutions, Print,Capture and PDF solutions, Mobile Solutions and Productivity and Accessibility Solutions.

Customer Service Solutions includes things like Connected Conversations, Conversational IVR, Proactive engagement, Virtual Assistance, Voice Biometric and Professional services…etc. Their Print, Capture and PDF Solutions includes Equitrac, Output Manager, SafeCom, Power PDF, PaperPort and OmniPort, NSi Mobile, AutoStore and eCopy.

Nuance Mobile Solutions includes Dragon TV and Dragon Drive, Dragon Mobile App’s, Speech Recognition for Mobile, Text Input for Mobile, Text-to-Speech for Mobile, Voice-to-text Services, Mobile Advertising and Mobile Software Development.

nuance omnipage

Nuance also developed a specific line of software specifically for business Productivity and Accessibility like; Productivity and Transcription, PDF and document conversion, accessibility Solutions (desktop and mobile) and Voice Identification solution for public security. offers most all of its software products either as a physical shipment where you receive the software on DVD and documentation. For those who would rather not wait for the software to be delivered, you can select to receive it as a download.